Baked Yogurt


This is a personal favourite! It has 3 ingredients, takes 1 minute to prepare and it's as impressive as ever! Perfect if you're in a hurry or have some pop up guests!

500g yogurt (full fat)
450g condensed milk
100g whipping cream (35%)


  • Mix it all together well, pour it into ramkins, (or several small ramkins as shown in the picture above) and bake it in a water bath at 150 degrees C just until it sets in the middle. If you use small ramkins, it takes all of 5 minutes! If you use a larger ramkin and fill it till the top, it can take up to 45 minutes. Judge it as you would a cheesecake or custard, it should jiggle ever so slightly in the center, if you see a lot of small bubbles, you've gone too far.
  • Chill it for a while and top with fresh berries, or any fruit really - And you're done!