Cocoa Room


Calling all breakfast fans!! Cocoa Room is the place to be from 8am till noon if you want a real breakfast for champions - Home Bakery has some serious competition now. Last week I managed to sneak in a cheeky breakfast before starting work in the kitchen and oh, boy was it worth it! Take a look at that beautiful breakfast table, considering they have to pump out dishes at an extremely speedy rate, they never falter when it comes to presentation. And that crockery! Epic. Had they left me alone with it for even 2 minutes it wouldn't be there when they got back!

The menu is so vast at this charming little, not-so-little eatery with a variety of both sweet and savory dishes. Five different versions of eggs Benedict, including a roast beef Benedict, a smoke and fire Benedict (with smoked brisket and green chilli hollandaise), and mushroom benedict (served with shaved truffle and hollandaise atop of a freshly baked croissant). Among the other egg dishes are the green shakshuka, eggs menemen (Turkish style scrambled eggs) and Scrambled Eggs Money Bags with shaved black truffle, roasted macadamia nuts, fresh cream and Parmesan. And thats just the eggs! There's a whole other sandwich section for savories as well. And don't even get me started on the sweet options. My favorites had to be the legendary Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (make sure you give it a little swirl at the bottom for some extra caramely goodness), the wholewheat blueberry pancakes and the Nutella Brioche French toast


I also managed to (somehow) sample the Yogurt Berry Granola - A definite healthier option with homemade honey toasted oats, almonds, sesame and flax seeds mixed with dried goji and blueberries, layered with a berry flavoured yogurt. Heavenly!


All in all I loved it - The food, the service, the reasonable prices, (and the crockery! Lets not forget the crockery).

Here's a video to keep you drooling! Cocoa Room's Nutella Brioche French Toast - So. Sinfully. Good. Served with maple toffee sauce, malt ice cream and was completely DEVOURED by me and my bae. Only at Cocoa Room Dubai from 8am till noon - Get on it foodies!

Thanks for reading xo