Go-To Mocktail Recipe



This, is my go-to mockail/virgin-sangria/fruit-punch/whatever-you-want-to-call-it recipe, it's easy, can be done well in advance, the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness and absolutely delicious! I think people often underestimate the importance of a good drink to accompany or start a meal with. Much like dessert has a major influence on your final impression of a meal, a good drink sets the initial tone for it. Those who know me, know I don't drink alcohol. Therefore I've made my way through a lot of restaurants' and cafe's mocktail lists, and for the majority, they seem to overload them with sugar syrup. It becomes a dessert as opposed to a nice accompaniment to your meal. You can't taste anything but the sweetness and it masks the flavor of the actual ingredients being used! After a lot of trial and error, I can safely say, that for my palate, this recipe is the perfect balance! Here goes:


For the juice:
1 litre white grape juice (no added sugar - I usually stick to the Ceres brand for all my juices)
1 litre mixed apple and pear juice (no added sugar)
250ml orange juice (no added sugar)
250ml peach juice (no added sugar)

For the infusion:
3 oranges (I use Valencia oranges which are sweeter, larger and specifically for juicing)
3 lemons
5 peaches (any will do as long as they're juicy)

To finish:
500ml 7-up or Sprite
700ml ginger ale

In the glass (this is totally up to you, it tastes great without any additional flavors as well):
Mint leaves Frozen berries (you can use fresh as well, but frozen berries give a nice tinge of color when the juice is poured in)
Rosemary Edible flowers
Orange or lemon slices


Super simple! Throw all the juices into a big bowl, slice up all the fruit for the infusion (about 1cm thickness), toss that in as well, cover it and forget about it in the fridge overnight! The next day right before serving, stir in the 7-up and ginger ale, pour it into glasses filled with your choice of additional flavors (it can be as elaborate as you like), and enjoy! It's best straight out of the fridge extremely chilled, but then i'm not an ice cube fan, it tends to dilute the flavor right out!