Maison Mathis Dusit Thani


Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try this place out! I absolutely loved it; it’s hard to find a place in Dubai that has such good service, a warm, cozy ambience and is quiet and peaceful enough to make you feel like you’ve gotten away from the hustle and bustle of the city – But they pull it off, and they do it well! I went for brunch on Friday and what initially struck me was how bright it all is in the day! The lighting is so refreshing and the white walls and light marble tables add to the luminous feel – The photos turn out brilliantly without even trying – a blogger’s dream, and trust me, it doesn’t happen too often! Another plus point was not having to dress up for Friday brunch – it was such a relaxed atmosphere, anything goes.


The prices were reasonable and the food was good, not exceptional. But over all my experience was definitely good enough to make me want to go back – The menu is mostly European fusion, rooted in Belgium with some definite French influences. But they have all your classic favorites, eggs benedict, brioche French toast, Belgium waffles, some of the best fries i've had in a long while and many, many more – Definitely add it to your list and check it out if you haven’t already!


Coffee and a caramel rosemary tart for dessert hit the spot for me, it was a lovely afternoon indeed!

Oh, and as I was walking out, I saw this amazing, what looked like, plain old ordinary bookshelf in the lobby, but was actually a cleverly disguised door... Never judge a book by its' cover, right?! Not to mention it makes for a really nice photo - any guesses as to what's behind it foodies? #ShhhDubai


Note: There are 2 other branches of Maison Mathis (Arabian Ranches and Emirates Towers), but this is the only one I’ve visited.