The dreamiest, milkiest soft serve ice cream. Ever. And it's just in time for summer!

Oh - and it's completely organic and preservative-free as well - meaning due to its short shelf-life, is produced fresh on a daily basis.

Quality > Quantity at this trendy South Korean ice cream parlour, which is what I loved most about it - and the fact that they're so beautifully gram-able! Added bonus that they aren't ripping you off with ridiculous prices either. Managing Director, Siyuan Zhang, a die hard ice cream lover, spent months deliberating (and tasting) various ice-cream brands all around Asia and finally settled on this one to bring home to UAE.

Not taking themselves too seriously, they've managed to turn their minimal space in the middle of JBR Trident mall into a fun, relaxed atmosphere with vintage lighting, a busy floor to ceiling chalkboard with street art inspired sketches, textured white brick walls filled with pictures and happy customers' comments, and finally my favorite, fast wifi and lots and lots of outlets that match any countries' adaptors! Great place to take your laptop and get some work done.


Milkcow now has an impressive 50 branches around the world, with one single soft serve flavour – milky. But they have 20 different toppings that you can add to it, plus 14 signature combinations that you can order straight off the menu – with cutesy names like Santorini, Mont Blanc and Snow Drop (which btw is soon to become the new Instagram darling, topped with fairy floss and sea salt with jelly beans at the bottom).


My 2 favorite flavors had to be the Milky Cube, which sports a big hunk of natural honeycomb that complements the ice cream beautifully, not too sweet or over powering; and the Popstar, caramel syrup and caramel popcorn - nuff' said. You just can't go wrong with that! The awesome part is... you can get the Milky Cube and top it off with caramel popcorn - which, when I go back, is on my list to try.


Their healthy option - Milky Peace - was great too; it's the first time i've tasted pistachio sauce and it was dangerously delicious! Topped with sunflower seeds and cashew nuts.

They also have your traditional flavors if you're not too experimental with your palate foodies! The Black Pearl - chocolate sauce with almonds (in which they managed to avoid my biggest pet peeve of only having chocolate on the top and base; this beauty had it running all the way through the ice cream). And of course, Cookies & Cream.


Apart from ice cream, Milkcow also serves a pretty fine cuppa coffee, and asian inspired cakes and pastries.