Mythos Kouzina & Grill


Last week I did something unimaginable. I became a vegetarian for an afternoon, and I must admit, it was an incredible meal! All thanks to the wonderful Sumati - the mastermind behind Veggiebuzz, an online vegetarian user portal and blog that provides recipes, features and restaurant reviews from a vegetarian perspective - we were invited for a vegetarian brunch at Mythos to celebrate her newly launched portal.

This was my second time dining at Mythos, the first as my usual carnivorous self for dinner with a wonderful group of foodies, and the second as a vegetarian on an invite basis for brunch. I had a wonderful experience both times. Mythos is a new casual Greek restaurant developed by the folks behind long-standing success story Elia in Bur Dubai. Lead by ChefIliasKokoroskos, Mythos is quite literally a slice of Santorini in Dubai. Hidden behind the Armada Bay Hotel in JLT, its no-frills simplicity and charm is quite surprising given the obscure and contrasting urban location. The interiors are tastefully decorated with a white-wash clean finish which gives it a very fresh, Mediterranean vibe - powdered stone walls, arches, geometric tile flooring, rustic taverna chairs - a senseoftheCycladesislands’wayoflife.


Come the evening Mythos is transformed into a romantic little European taverna!


Oh and those lights! (Don't get me started - I have a thing for lights, and these had to be amongst my top 5 in Dubai)

Now - lets start talking food! Firstly - my ultimate favorite dish at Mythos is the strip of octopus tentacle which was so beautifully cooked. Incredibly juicy flesh and a perfectly caramelized exterior, with a lovely combination of vinegar and olive oil coating it. I don't have a picture for obvious reasons - the plate was wiped clean before I got the chance! In close second is the Gigandes (a veggiebuzz-ing dish), delicious oven baked butterbeans cooked and served in a clay pot. *drool*


We also tried the classics! A mini pot of Tzatziki, the traditional yoghurt dip of cucumber, dill and garlic was smooth and on point. And of course, you can always tell a good Greek restaurant by its Greek salad – and Mythos’ is as authentic as it gets. Brimming with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, slivers of red onions, Kalamata olives, a huge slab of feta cheese sprinkled with oregano, and drizzled with olive oil. Yum.


The Tomato Kefta is a traditional dish hailing from Santorini. A pure veggie dish of fried tomato and feta fritters served on a wooden chopping board arrive as little balls of delicious fried goodness. The Fava pureed split beans with capers and diced onions was a bit grainy for my liking but the flavor was definitely on point, and the Spinach Cheese Pie was another favorite on the table. The Baked Feta was not the most photogenic dish of the evening, but the wonderfully seasoned feta cheese is served warm, mildly spiced and with fresh herbs. We also tried the Moussaka, but were a bit disappointed, it was a bit bland for my palate.


Last but not least, this Grilled Halloumi Salad with homemade Oxymeli (an ancient Greek salad dressing made from figs, honey and vinegar) was polished off by all of us!

To end the meal we tried the Galaktoboureko, a traditional Greek dessert made with filo pastry & custard. Sadly the filo pasty was a bit soggy and the custard was quite bland. I didn't get a chance to try the Loukamades (light and sweet dumpling balls with greek yogurt and walnuts), but the consensus on the table seemed to be that they were highly addictive and you can't just stop at one! Guess I'll just have to go back again.

All in all, the experience felt authentic and the food delicious with an extremely veggie friendly menu. Not to mention, it's been the first restaurant to ever transform my opinion of vegetarian food - it's safe to say I will be returning very soon.