Best steakhouse in town? I think so! Nusr-Et Dubai, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, which has been brought to Dubai by those who introduced Zuma and LPM, is all about the live cooking, theatre, flair, mustaches and of course... The succulent meat 😍 Never associated turkish food with steak but oh, my do they pull it off! Anything that can be done tableside will be, by the most enthusiastic of waiters! Trolleys of beef sushi being seared by a blow torch, carpaccio being rolled with parmesan crisp, rocket and olive oil, slices of beef and baguette being tossed on a hot plate with browned butter, fresh baklava being sandwiched back together with ice cream - I could go on and on! Definitely more of a market/bistro vibe with a buzzing atmosphere - prices were a bit steep though - Save it for a special occasion! 👌💁


Complimentary turkish tea and the ultimate in-house baklava, served just the way I like it... Stuffed with turkish vanilla ice cream made of goats milk (no eggs hence the elastic texture) 🙊😄

Nusret, who started off as a Butcher who barely speaks a word of english to highly acclaimed restauranteur about to open a branch in London on parklane 🍝🍴🍔 Bravo, chef!