Slider Station


Finally got to try Slider Station and here is your guide to some must order dishes:

My favorites had to be - the Dangerous slider with perfectly fried buttermilk chicken, jalapenos, chimichuri aioli and a bright red beetroot bun. The crispy Tiger Shrimp Handgun with mango pepper slaw in a soft jet black charcoal bun. The wood fired lamb belly with an espresso glaze (which was literally melt in your mouth), The watermelon lemonade - perfectly right balance of acidity, and of course, The oreo midnight pancakes by Cocoa Room (Slider Station's in-house chocolatier) - Rich chocolate and oreo "pancakes" dowsed in warm chocolate fudge sauce topped with chocolate icecream and of course i took a video of it... In reverse ‪#‎yesplease‬ also tried the salted caramel milkshake but it was a bit too rich in caramel for my palate which made it too sweet and heavy, a few sips and i was done! Tom&Serg has definitely perfected this one! All in all, definitely worth checking out! If i were to go again i would try out more sliders as opposed to ordering so many tapas!