Dinner with a view. 3 times a charm! Roberto Rella does it again with his third Italian venture in Dubai, this time taking up three (tre) prime floors with stunning views of the city’s skyline at the Nassima Royal Hotel near Trade Centre (previously known as Radisson Royal Hotel). The former front of house manager turned local celebrity has worked in Dubai for 15 years. Roberto first arrived in the emirates to open and oversee BiCE Ristorante in Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach. Since then, he has supervised the launch of BiCE in Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Jeddah, Doha, Bahrain and Singapore. In 2012, Roberto Rella opened Roberto’s in DIFC and now has launched his newest and most exciting venture, Tre.

The 49th floor is the foodie dining area complete with a very modernist look. Into the private lifts, and upstairs to the 50th floor, there is a lounge bar, with a DJ and menu of Mediterranean-style tapas. On the 51st floor is a sound-proofed cigar lounge, with live performances of jazzy music. (My favorite - hard wood floors, leather chairs, a piano in the corner - you can't go wrong!)

We started our evening on the 50th floor where we enjoyed some drinks and canapés... And that view... Absolutely stunning!

After we had all gathered and our appetite's awakened, we headed down to the restaurant where we were all seated on the most beautiful table right in the centre of the dining area with candle stand centrepieces, murano glass chandeliers, and a black lava table top. I think we all stood taking pictures for a good 5 minutes before actually taking a seat!


The menu offers an extensive selection of everything from hot to cold antipasti, a raw seafood bar, risotto; dry and fresh pastas, a variety of meats including fish, chicken, veal, lamb, beef, a trident of pizza options, and some classic dessert picks. A basket of freshly made breads was accompanied by a selection of olive and sundried tomato spreads along with a large selection of olive oils (most aged over a number of years from everyday affordable bottles to upwards of AED 5,000). At this point Chef Ernesto Tonetto, who previously worked at the Cavalli Club, took the lead and courses upon courses were arriving at our table, all with impeccable presentation.

Here are my favorites! Polpo - Pan Fried octopus and potatoes. Parmigiana - Eggplant with parmesan cheese and tomato souse topped with crispy basil. Anatra e Pecora - Pacchero pasta with traditional Tuscan duck ragout, Pecorino Senese Risotto ‘Langhe’ - Porcini mushroom risotto with Raschera cheese and truffle oil. Manzo ‘Wagyu Strip’ - Josper grilled Wagyu strip loin, roquette, cherry tomato, parmesan shavings.

After sampling all that food we were in an intense food coma. We migrated upstairs to the 51st floor where we had the chance to unwind and catch up before dessert was served.


That right there is a sampler of Tre's most popular desserts. The Panna cotta with fresh strawberries and a balsamic reduction. The Cannoli Siciliani with a sheep ricotta cheese filled cannoli, candied fruit, pistachio, and chocolate shavings. The Cioccolato, a Sphere, aerated pistachio cake, toasted chocolate ganache, and salted crumble. The Pana cotta had to be my favorite, light and refreshing; But all in all if I'm being honest dessert was a bit of a let down, nothing really stood out for me as something special like the food did.

Overall, however it was a lovely evening and there's lots of reasons why it makes my list of favorite Italian restaurants in Dubai, but the 2 most important factors for me are firstly, that Tre recognizes when people go to an Italian restaurant, they don’t expect molecular gastronomy, or too many fancy dishes. What I loved about the food was the fact that they managed to 'upgrade' the traditional italian favorites into more modern dishes, without over-doing it and losing that charm and simplicity that is Italian cuisine, which suffers so much from globalisation, especially in Dubai. Tre defies this cliche, which is so refreshing. Another wonderful factor to consider is that Tre managed to create something that will make everyone happy, and keep everyone under the same roof, without, for example, imposing a lounge in a restaurant; I, for one, like to talk during my dinner, not yell! And that view of Sheikh Zayed road is just priceless, the food is a little steep though, be ready to dig into your pockets, but for a special occasion, it really makes for a lovely evening.

As always, thanks for reading foodies! xo