Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo


Remind me to go down to the creek more often! 😍 My tasting session at Vivaldi was made all the more charming by the breathtaking view of the creek! Nestled in the middle of old Dubai - Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers first opened in 1978 and has recently gone through a major renovation! Their Italian restaurant Vivaldi, is consulted by Michelin star Chef Alfredo Russo and lead by Chef Fabio Genghini - who kindly took the time out to have a word with me while i was there! The ingredients are meticulously selected and imported from Italy so only the best of the best is consumed at this gem of a restaurant! From the Burrata right down to the eggs, risotto rice and flour - no wonder the pasta was so rich and heavenly👌 my favorite had to be the Lemon scented lobster risotto - SO good 🙊

Two awesome moments during my tasting session at Vivaldi - digging into my dessert and digging into my Burrata the former is Chef Alfredo Russo's signature dish and unlike anything i've ever had before! Créme brûlée foam that they had brûlée-d somehow - don't ask me how! with a raspberry ragout and vanilla cream - absolutely delicious! The foam tasted exactly like créme brûlée Mind. Blown. It was like eating air... Ridiculously good tasting air...

Thank you for organizing this lovely evening!