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For the Love of Coffee

To me, going for a cup of coffee is about so much more than just the coffee, it's a ritual. I love to immerse myself in the coffee-shop culture, the interiors, the baristas, the atmosphere and just the shear joy of sitting at your usual table catching up with friends, or even some alone time working on your laptop - favorite elixir in hand of course. It's safe to say, many hours of my week are spent in coffee shops and my love for this beloved liquid magic knows no bounds. 

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Chasing Lady Aurora – 10 Things I Would Do Differently.

Witnessing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list for years now, and for most people the concept is still a bit of a mystery. Admittedly it’s not the easiest (or cheapest) light show to hunt down, but once you’re in the ‘auroral oval’ i.e. The Arctic Circle, they appear more frequently than you would think.

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Gaggan - Progressive Rock & Roll

What does being Asia’s “best” restaurant mean? What happens once a body of voters has attempted to measure the unmeasurable? For one, extreme anxiety on the part of any diner trapped in the moronic snarl of Bangkok’s peak rush hour, trying to make a 7pm reservation. Can you imagine what it’s like having all these (mostly foreign)...

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